Red Olive Studios has many identities, but it's essentially the banner in which my creative outlets and entities find a place to land. Some come and go, some are keepers – but they’re all creative – with just enough curious madness to keep them interesting! I still find myself flitting between design and styling (residential and commercial interiors - and now even a tad of graphic work. I'm still quite clearly a practising Artist between providing home base to many other creative souls at the underground ARTspace, which was founded in 2010 and running my home fragrance brand, Loobylou Candles.
I don't actually ever remember a time of not being creative. My earliest memories are filled with memories of drawing, paint, craft, making daisy chains, drying herbs and flowers for pot pourri through to building houses and small cities with Lego
and old wooden blocks if you're of an age to remember them? They nurtured a very early love of Architecture and design for this growing mind. I was forever creating dollhouses, and fitting them out with whatever I could find, creating Artworks as gifts, and writing plays for my many young cousins. When I got a little older I lived in a new area filled with houses being built. I would wander for hours around the wooden bones of the houses, and make them homes in my mind. I'd choose colour schemes, room layout and soft furnishings, all the while oblivious that not just one of those childhood passions, but fundamentally every one of them, would, or even could become my career.

So peruse these ever changing pages that I hope both inspire and delight you with the same passion they were created. I wish you colour, music, words and magic in your journey.

"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares."
Saul Bass